Friday, February 18, 2005

well, ummm

I've been very busy lately, I've got my cousins coming, so, there's going to be a big shindig/nerf war. Hopefully I'll have some pics to add to the site.

I've seriously begun considering a store section of my website, but, I'm not sure whether I should put one up or what. Seeing as I'm running out of disk space and bandwidth in my free account.

Mabey, putting up a cafepress account, and mabey sell some modded guns there too, whatever, we'll see eventually.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Finally, some new stuff

heh, and I bet you all'd thought I wouldn't update until hell froze over.

Since I've brought project: John Wayne onto the front burne (check it out on my website), I've also decided that I will do some more nerf stuff.

among other things, I've had some ideas for new guns & stuff.

1: Project: MP-7, a Heckler & Koch MP7 replica Nite Finder.
2: lever action Nerf assault rifle. (on top of project John wayne)
3: Project: Ressurection, you will see the return of my SM3K.
4: a combat usability comparison of my ENTIRE arsenal.

Saturday, December 18, 2004

Merry Christmahaunakwanzaka!!!

Just for the sake of being sort of politically correct, Merry Christmahaunakwanzaka.

Seeing as it's that time of year again, I've got some guns which I'm giving to my buddies, so they might stop having to borrow mine. A Tek Ten, and An Air bazooka. The Tek ten, I'm barrel modifying, and the air bazooka, I'm doing something more drastic to, you'll just have to check the website periodically to see the results. Also, as holiday gift money starts streaming in, ;) I'll be more able to get the materials needed for more nerf guns and gun modifications. At the moment, I've made little progress in nerf, mostly because of Midterms, and plain laziness, so for now, well, we'll see.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Latest gun concepts

Project: "Backyard Cannon" This is a plan for a pretty unusable gun, probably for exhibition purposes, or ammunition testing. It would consist of 4" of 1.25" PVC (with a tire stem valve installed), which is then reduced to 1"PVC for four inches, and so on and so forth until it reached 1/2", at which point it is split by a "T" coupler, it then goes outward to a pair of 45 degree bends, which direct the PVC in until the two pieces are nearly touching, this is where both receive 90 degree bends, sending the pipe backwards, parallel to the larger airtank. After about 3', each piece receives another 90 degree coupler which ends the piece two inches down and two inches over (opposite ways). the pipes then go about two inches back, where they are joined to another two 90 degree couplers which send the tubing another 2.75" straight up, where they are met by a 90 degree coupler, and sent to a t-coupler, which joins them together again. They then got foreword directly to a ball valve, where the 3' Sch. 80 barrel is attached.

Some reasons:
Why such a big air tank? This is fo exhibitional use and ammunition testing. This kind of power would impress most anyone. and any dart that's accurate when fired out of this monster, wouldn't have any trouble with others.
Why all the complicated tubing work? I'm hoping to use all of that complicated tubing work to help support the barrel and keep it from flopping around.
Why make it? Because I can.

Project "John Wayne" A lever-action Co2 Nerf rifle, similar to boltsniper's bolt action rifle. It's still in the planning stages, but I can tell you that the action will be EXTREMELY similar to the Winchester Lever action Repeating rifle.

Some reasons:
Why C02? Because it's easily accessible, and provides a relatively large amount of compressed gas in a small space.
Why lever action? Because I've found it provides greater RoF as compared to Bolt action, and, to do something different.
Why make it? To give myself a huge edge in any nerf war.